Registered Nurse - Job Details


  • Participate in the delivery of care to residents on the unit;
  • Carry out and document risk assessments, and prescribe and take appropriate action to reduce risk and, where possible, improve the welfare of the residents;
  • Develop, review and implement care plans of residents, support junior staff in adhering to,and implementing the care plan, and involve the resident and, if appropriate, their relative in the development, review and implementation of the care plan. Care plans must be reviewed at least six monthly, or more frequently if the condition or the needs of the resident changes sooner;
  • Administer medication and other treatments as prescribed or deemed appropriate;
  • Report illness, falls and other treatments needs to GP and  / or other professionals in a timely manner to ensure that residents’ health needs are effectively managed;
  • Monitor the care delivery practices of carerand new junior nursing staff;
  • Support carerand new junior nursing staff in developing appropriate practices and attitudes in the provision of care and treatment;
  • Support carer and nursing colleagues to adhere to company policies, local guidelines and other directives;
  • Appropriately document your interventions and monitor the documentation of carer staff to ensure that it is accurate, timely, legible and appropriate to the care provided;
  • Monitor the cleaning, health and safety practices and clinical waste management on the unit in order to reduce the risks related to the control and management of infection;
  • Work as a champion or lead nurse in identified areas to support the welfare and safety of the residents;


  • Developing a positive and therapeutic relationship with the people who use the service;
  • Being knowledgeable about the care needs and aspirations of the people who use the service and making every effort to meet these in every day practice;
  • Following company policies, procedures and expected practices at all times;
  • Attending all appropriate training that is relevant to your role, and take appropriate steps to ensure that you are competent to do your job;
  • Never tolerating poor practice or poor standards and to challenge these if they are encountered.  Report any concerns to your line manager or management immediately;
  • Communicating effectively with the members of the team you are in, and others with an absolute focus on improving the lives of the people who use the service;
  • Developing, reviewing and following care plans with diligence and, at all times, promoting privacy, dignity and independence;
  • Ensuring that you document evidence of your work. You should also encourage other professional colleagues to document their evidence;
  • Support an activity based and relationship centred environment.


Wimborne Nursing Agency T/A WNA Healthcare


Temporary / Part Time


Peterborough Cambridgeshire, UK


Care Assistant


£18.000 - £33.000/month


january 2017

Based on the risks assessments to your health and safety, MTA make sure that the care or treatment provided is performed by staff that have the qualifications, competence, skills and experience to keep you safe.

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